Design better products

Don’t waste time developing the wrong things. I help teams rapidly ideate, design, and test concepts to make sure users will love what you create.

How can I help?


Design Workshops

Learn new skills, jumpstart your product development, and get your team on the same page. Workshops I’ve given include:

  • Leading Google sprint-style sessions for designers to brainstorm and envision new products

  • Training software teams in product discovery methods

  • Teaching non-designers how to get actionable insights from talking with users.


Product Design & Testing

I’ve helped companies design and build minimum viable products that customers love by:

  • Creating high-fidelity concept designs

  • Identifying a target audience and testing designs and ideas with potential customers

  • Scoping design work with development teams and using data to prioritize so you don’t waste time building unused features



Whether it’s interviewing and evaluating individual designers or upleveling an entire team, I’ve helped companies by:

  • Developing a skills framework for designers that identifies strengths and growth areas

  • Giving empathic, insightful coaching and feedback to help individuals improve specific skills

  • Creating a growth strategy and hiring top-tier candidates


My background


I’ve been working as a designer since 2005, starting my career in visual design and then moving into user experience after earning a Master’s degree in Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

I’ve led teams in multiple startups and enterprise software companies, including Citrix, Trustpilot, and Splunk, and have taught design courses at University of California Berkeley and California College of the Arts.

My experience working overseas in Europe for three years as well as in San Francisco has given me an advantage in understanding the tech world as an insider, but also being in tune with what consumers outside of the Silicon Valley bubble are looking for.

Outside of work, I make my home in beautiful Oakland, California, and my interests include writing and travel. You can view my profile on LinkedIn.