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My 11 years of experience includes product and UX design, user research, and leading design teams. I excel in helping companies and teams build products based on data and user needs. 

Some areas of design I especially enjoy:

User-Driven innovation

I love listening to and observing people and creating products based on what they want and need. Some ways I've done this include:   



I've contributed to a high-level design strategy in various ways, including:

  • Creating a vision video to help the team envision a future product experience
  • Creating design roadmaps and design principles 
  • Collaborating with user researchers to create a user research roadmap and develop personas  

Guidance + Leadership

Leading a design team, mentoring, and teaching is extremely rewarding. I've helped others grow through:

  • Interviewing, hiring, and mentoring designers and user researchers (and writing about it on Medium!)
  • Co-creating yearly skill evaluations and quarterly growth plans with my UX team
  • Being a mentor for university courses in the U.S. and Denmark to help students practice user-centered design and innovation
  • Teaching a interaction design at California College of the Arts   
  • Planning design summits, hosting critiques, bringing in speakers, and doing things like improv classes to keep my team inspired

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